Wartone Space Battle (version 1.2)

The game

Wartone Space Battle is a free game designed for one or two players.
It looks like to a space chess game.

The red team versus the blue team. You have 3 possible displacements before the fight. Then this is the turn of the other player.

The aim of the game is to destroy the enemy base.

The spacecrafts

The spacecrafts have their own moves and power levels of life , shield , energy and attack .
Some options to reload are randomly positionned on the map.

Base Fighter Defender Destroyer

The last moved spacecraft will be the first to shoot on the enemy.
Energy is important to get a powerfull shot.
You can reload your shield and your energy when you are just around your base.


This game uses the capabilities of webGL. WebGL is a new standardized technology that should be provided by your web browser. It does not require the flash technology but a good recent web browser like Firefox or Google Chrome.


Wartone Space Battle has been designed and developped by Joris CALVAT using Blender, GIMP, GLGE and JQuery.

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